working together to rid the oceans & our environment of plastic trash

Imagine a World Without Plastic Debri...

Imagine a World Without Plastic Debris … Say No to Plastics

There was a time, not that long ago when you would see countless cigarette butts littering the landscape. But then, something happened ever so slowly, the ugly disgusting cigarette butts began disappearing from bars and restaurants, parking lots, sidewalks, beaches, ashtrays in public and private buildings.

People finally got the message that smoking was not only not cool but was detrimental to health of everyone surrounded by the smoker.


Shocker! Four of Trumps’ Childr...

Shocker! Four of Trumps’ Children Ineligible to be President, Just Like Obama!

Defect – Imperfection, flaw, or deficiency. That which is subject to a defect is missing a requisite element and, therefore, is not legally binding. ©2011  Hillarynme Since the summer of 2008, Journolisters in the MSM, numerous members of Congress…


Will Pharrell’s Documentary ...

Will Pharrell’s Documentary ‘The Plastic Age’ Help Lessen Our Plastic Addiction?

Pharrell Williams has joined the fight to save our oceans. He talks about his love for the oceans and our need to save them in a new i-D documentary, The Plastic Age. Let’s face it, how can anyone not like Pharrell, a man whose music impacts countless millions of fans? Clearly, Pharrell knows how get a message out.


Earth Day 2015; why are you still usi...

Earth Day 2015; why are you still using single-use plastic bags & bottles?

Unlike global warming aka climate change there is no controversy. Plastic pollution is real. The truth is nothing speaks louder than real actions and solutions. Unfortunately, the Earth Day organization is not a place to look.


2014 Midterms; Advice for Uninformed ...

2014 Midterms; Advice for Uninformed Voters Consistently Voting Against Their Own Best Interests

Elections are serious business. The 2014 midterm elections will have serious consequences for both parties and the citizens of this country. What to do, what to do?   Many believe that there is nothing more dangerous than an uneducated voter, and…


Is It Time For a Worldwide Ban on Sin...

Is It Time For a Worldwide Ban on Single-use Plastic Bags?

Let me state for the record, that with few exceptions, I do not like governmental bans or restrictions on personal behavior. […] There are, however, exigent circumstances when the harm being done is so massive that intervention in the form of bans is necessary. So it is with the worldwide pollution caused by the indiscriminate use of plastics for convenience rather than necessity.


Will We Finally Get Serious About ...

Will We Finally Get Serious About “Saying No to Plastic” in 2014?

Will 2014 be the year we finally get serious about, “Saying NO to Plastics”?

Forget the hokum about global warming. Plastic pollution can be seen everywhere. This problem is here now not some place in the distant future.

The vast amount of plastic trash that enters the oceans is a real problem, a problem that grows ever omnipresent on a hourly basis.


Worldwide Danger Zone- Viruses are a ...

Worldwide Danger Zone- Viruses are a Threat

Satellite Data Proves Al Gore Wrong

Satellite Data Proves Al Gore Wrong

In 2007, BBC reported that the polar ice caps would be completely gone by 2013. Then in 2008 Al Gore told an audience in Germany that “the entire North Polarized cap will disappear in 5 years.” Now, just last week, Greenpeace released a commercial…


Obamacare Website Knowingly Launched ...

Obamacare Website Knowingly Launched With 40% of Payment Software Not Completed!

Only in Washington is it acceptable to launch a website, 3  years in the development, that was never properly tested, crashing multiple times with as few as 6 users prior to the October 1st launch date, with limitless privacy issues , and STILL…



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