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Will Pharrell’s Documentary ...

Will Pharrell’s Documentary ‘The Plastic Age’ Help Lessen Our Plastic Addiction?

Pharrell Williams has joined the fight to save our oceans. He talks about his love for the oceans and our need to save them in a new i-D documentary, The Plastic Age. Let’s face it, how can anyone not like Pharrell, a man whose music impacts countless millions of fans? Clearly, Pharrell knows how get a message out.


The US Costly Addiction to Plastic; B...

The US Costly Addiction to Plastic; Beijing Bans US Imports of Trash!

Operation Green Fence, a campaign by Chinese customs to strictly enforce laws governing the import of waste, “could be a game changer,” says Doug Kramer, president of Kramer Metals, an international scrap dealer in Los Angeles. “A lot of companies have used China as a dumping ground, getting rid of … substandard scrap and trash,” Mr. Kramer says.

The headlines were recently blaring …Beijing bans US imports of trash! That one my friends, is a very big headline. Bet you didn’t know our biggest export to China is our trash!

Yes, we export more trash than soybeans or wheat. It seems, except for green crusaders, very few people, politicians, or people in the MSM want to acknowledge the silent nightmare that plastic trash and garbage presents.


Oh My God, is Global Warming Causing ...

Oh My God, is Global Warming Causing More Vasectomies?

“I just broke down in tears in boarding area at SFO while on phone with my wife. I’ve never cried because of a science report before.”

To which I want to say, “Really, no R_E_A_L_L_Y?” Well, if the slobbering Mr. Holthaus could put his tissues down long enough, maybe he could take the time to read the entire report.

It seems the real story is buried deep inside the IPCC Report, and no wonder.


The City of Los Angeles is saying NO ...

The City of Los Angeles is saying NO to plastic bags

The bag ban makes Los Angeles the largest city in the country to ban the ubiquitous plastic bag. This is great news for activists worldwide. In addition to saving the environment the ban is projected to save Los Angeles $2 million a year to clean up plastic bag litter.


Scientists Recommend Classifying Cert...

Scientists Recommend Classifying Certain Plastic Waste As Toxic Trash

Scientists are now calling for a similar approach to fighting plastic debris and pollution as has been used in the past to fight fluorocarbons and refrigerants worldwide. In particular, they want to classify PVC, polystyrene, polyurethane and polycarbonate as the most hazardous/toxic plastics.

Considering the damage to the environment and the health hazards posed by plastic debris and plastic pollution, many believe this is about time.


Why a Romney Presidency Will Be Bette...

Why a Romney Presidency Will Be Better for Jobs & the Environment Than Obama

The constant rhetorical flame throwing on left, riddled with accusations that all conservatives want dirty air, dirty water and to plunder the planet brings nothing but derision and contempt from those who want a better environment tempered with a modicum of practicality. Such is the case of Romney vs Obama and the 2012 election.


Would You Pay $60 for a Light Bulb Ad...

Would You Pay $60 for a Light Bulb Advertised to Last 20 Years? POLL

Phillips recently announced the introduction of its $60 light bulb touted to last 20 years, a claim that appears to be impossible to prove or disprove…at least for the next 20 years that is.


Black Rhino Officially Extinct; South...

Black Rhino Officially Extinct; South African Rhino Kill Rate Up in 2011

It always comes down to cold hard cash, that combined with the cultural heritage excuse. You know, our ancestors did it, so we continue to do it and the consequences to damned because it’s tradition!

Shark finning and killing rhinos for their horns are one in the same hideous unforgivable act. Cutting off shark fins for soup and killing rhinos for their horns to used for ornamental and pseudo medicinal reasons are barbaric acts of cruelty.



Wall Street Journal

The Obama Administration’s raid on Gibson USA may have slipped under the radar, but it shouldn’t have. This is serious business because the brute use of force and intimidation by Team Obama against Gibson is unconscionable and dangerous.


Plastic Bag Manufacturers Playing Har...

Plastic Bag Manufacturers Playing Hard Ball Suing Eco-Friendly Companies

Manufacturing plastic bags is big business, make no mistake about that. The inroads that Eco- groups have made getting consumers to switch from single use plastic bags to reusables has not gone un-noticed by plastics industry.

Rather than change their products by producing biodegradable bags that consumers would feel good about using, they have decided to play bully and sue ChicoBag company in South Carolina.


It’s Just A Plastic Bag … Right?


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