Oh My God, is Global Warming Causing More Vasectomies?

IPCC report makes US meteorologist cry – and give up flying …The Guardian

What can you say about the kind of hysteria that makes supposedly grown men sound like such hysterical fools? One possible explanation if that they suffer from the same kind of delusional incoherent hysteria that affected the accusers during the Salem witch trials.

Certainly sounds that way. Meteorologist Eric Holthaus confessed on Twitter,

I just broke down in tears in boarding area at SFO while on phone with my wife. I’ve never cried because of a science report before. 

To which I want to CHURCH OF CLIMATOLOGYsay, “Really, no R_E_A_L_L_Y?”  Well, if the slobbering Mr. Holthaus could put his tissues down long enough, maybe he could take the time to read the entire report.

It seems the real story is buried deep inside the IPCC Report, and no wonder.

  • 1. The earth’s temperatures have been cooling for the last 15 years. The IPCC calls this a pause, Time Magazine reported we were entering a mini ice age in the 70s.

2.  The Telegraph reports there has been a 60 per cent increase in the amount of ocean covered with ice compared to this time last year, they equivalent of almost a million square miles

3.  Despite BBC predictions the arctic would be ice-free by 2013 it remains ice covered.

The truth is it’s hard to find a single prediction by this group that has been truthful or has come to pass. We have more to worry about from the U.S. military’s experiments with climate warfare through the HAARP programs than the threat of global warming from carbon dioxide.

The MSM has bought into the global warming farce hook, line, and sinker. Not only do they not report the facts, they fail to report on who is hurt most by global warming charade…the poor in developing countries.

These are three recommended resources to go to get views differing from the party line:

ICECAP - International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project, is the portal to all things climate for elected officials and staffers, journalists, scientists, educators and the public

Global Climate Cooling Facts – This is another portal with links all things climate change including briefings, consensus reports, key organization links etc.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation – Launched in 2009, the GWPF is a think tank that provides in-depth views from every perspective (IPCC position through outright skepticism). They try to provide robust and reliable economic analysis.


Why a Romney Presidency Will Be Better for Jobs & the Environment Than Obama

There is such extremism on both sides of the environment/green movement that the words common sense environmentalism are viewed as an oxymoron. The battle lines have been so fiercely drawn that compromise on any level is deemed impossible.

Rest in Peace

The constant rhetorical flame throwing on left, riddled with accusations that all conservatives want dirty air, dirty water and to plunder the planet brings nothing but derision and contempt from those who want a better environment tempered with a modicum of practicality. Such is the case of Romney vs Obama and the 2012 election.

From Concept to Execution

Many feel that Obama’s record on the environment can best be described as the politics of illusion brought to a new high. The concept of a stronger economy stimulated by growth of new green jobs has very strong surface appeal. Had Obama’s administration conducted a genuine evaluation into all the factors necessary to execute a successful program, the green jobs programs might have had a chance.

The truth is Obama’s green jobs policies have been a financial boondoggle for the taxpayers, littered with the likes of Satcom, Solyndra, Abound Solar and Evergreen Solar. Over thirty-five companies have already filed for bankruptcy or are nearing it according to Green Corruption.This is a spectacular record of failure for economy and the environment with cronyism and corruption reigning over common sense and the common good.

What Counts is Execution

All of which brings us to Romney, a politician with a record of balancing both the needs of the economy and the environment. When Republican Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts he worked with a legislature comprised of 85% Democrats and he got things done.

According to the New York Times:

Today in Massachusetts, environmentalists credit Mr. Romney with helping to promote smart growth and reducing air pollution by putting in place tough regulations curbing certain toxic emissions from power plants. They also praise him for signing into law a bill embracing oil spill prevention measures.

Brian Gilmore of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts recently told USA Today that Romney struck a balance as governor balancing the needs of the environment with concerns about potential regulations and their impact on employers. In other words the environment didn’t suffer because Romney also looked forward, weighting the consequences of legislation on Massachusetts employers and workers.

This is a common sense approach to the government’s involvement to environmentalism. Romney has said, “thoughtful environmentalism need not be anti-growth and anti-jobs.” and his record in Massachusetts as well as his endorsements demonstrate that.

You can check out Mitt Romney’s environmental record and platform here. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for jobs and the environment!


Black Rhino Officially Extinct; South African Rhino Kill Rate Up in 2011

Wildlife charity WWF say that figures show that 341 rhinos have been killed in 2011 so far, which has already overtaken last year’s total of 333.  South Africa National Parks keep a record of the number of rhinos who have been found with their horns sawn off.  WWF think the rise is down to more people using rhino horn in Vietnamese traditional medicine.  BBC



It always comes down to cold hard cash, that combined with the cultural heritage excuse.  You know, our ancestors did it, so we continue to do it and the consequences to damned because it’s tradition!

Shark finning and killing rhinos for their horns are one in the same hideous unforgivable act.  Cutting off shark fins for soup and killing rhinos for their horns to used for ornamental and pseudo medicinal reasons are barbaric acts of cruelty.

And so it is with a great deal of sadness that it is being reported that the sub-species black rhino is now officially extinct!

GENEVA — The Western Black Rhino of Africa has been declared officially extinct, and two other subspecies of rhinoceros are close to meeting the same fate, a leading conservation group said Thursday.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature said a recent reassessments of the Western Black Rhino had led it to declare the species extinct, adding that the Northern White Rhino of central Africa is now “possibly extinct” in the wild and the Javan Rhino is “probably extinct” in Vietnam, after poachers killed the last animal there in 2010.

Take a good look at that suffering animal, it should be embedded into your consciousness. Now, what are you going to do to change this?



In the current case, the government said even if India says Gibson is not violating their laws, our government has interpreted it as a violation of their laws.

The Obama Administration’s raid on Gibson USA may have slipped under the radar, but it shouldn’t have. This is serious business because the brute use of force and intimidation by Team Obama against Gibson is unconscionable and dangerous.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Federal agents swooped in on Gibson Guitar Wednesday, raiding factories and offices in Memphis and Nashville, seizing several pallets of wood (worth a half a million dollars), electronic files and guitars. The Feds are keeping mum, but in a statement yesterday Gibson’s chairman and CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, defended his company’s manufacturing policies, accusing the Justice Department of bullying the company.

“The wood the government seized Wednesday is from a Forest Stewardship Council certified supplier,” he said, suggesting the Feds are using the aggressive enforcement of overly broad laws to make the company cry uncle.


The Fish and Wildlife Service said they were looking for banned Madagascar ebony (in the past, it was used for fretboards). This is banned under The Lacey Act of 1900 – that’s what I said, 1900. While The Lacey Act has been updated over the years and it’s an obscure, little-used law.

Then the Feds said they were looking to see if the wood from India that Gibson uses meets every petty regulatory everything. In other words, the Feds are investigating whether or not Gibson violated Indian laws, not U.S. laws, Indian laws.

Their excuse is that Gibson USA has violated the 1902 Lacey Act a little known act designed to protect certain species. The real reason that federal goons from Obama’s Injustice Department are after Gibson USA is because the CEO of Gibson is a Republican and Tea Party supporter!


Oh, let’s not overlook the fact that Gibson is not a union shop or the fact the Gibson’s major competitor is a Democrat. According to Seeing Red AZ , “Chris Martin IV, CEO of the Martin Guitar Co., is a long-time Democrat supporter, donating tens of thousands of dollars to numerous far-left candidates and organizations, among them Barack Obama.”

Forget anything Team Obama says about wanting to create and save jobs. This raid is yet another example of their ham-handed tactics designed to destroy American jobs and support unions. Gibson employes workers in four U.S. factories and has continued to hire in a down economy.

Now want to hear something scary? The federal government has said that all Gibson’s problems will all go away if Gibson will have all of the work outsourced to India! Let’s just call this use and misuse of the Lacey Act.

One other thing. Do you own a piano, guitar, or other musical instrument that was purchased in the past (many years past) before these novel interpretations of law took place?

Did you know under this knuckle dragging enforcement of the Lacey Act by the Fish & Wildlife Service that if you try to sell your musical instrument you could go to jail several years and pay a minimum $1,000 fine?

So tell me again, “how’s that hopey changey thing working out for ya?”




There have been warnings for years …  huge areas in the oceans (5 gyres) that have more plastic trash and garbage than fish.

What we’re seeing is the product greed, selfishness, and short sightedness on the part of government, consumers, and governing agencies alike.

Combine that with the excessive over fishing of the many species of fish is it any wonder that the one Bluefin tuna would fetch almost $400,000.00?

tuna 224x300 <!  :en  >The overfishing of tuna causes environmental and economic problems around the world<!  :  >

Tuna at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan photo by Hiratu Yasuyuki (source: Flickr Creative Commons)

According to the AP:

TOKYO — A giant Bluefin tuna fetched a record 32.49 million yen, or nearly $396,000, in Tokyo on Wednesday, in the first auction of the year at the world’s largest wholesale fish market. […]

Japan is the world’s biggest consumer of seafood, with Japanese eating 80 % of the Atlantic and Pacific bluefins caught. The two tuna species are the most sought-after by sushi lovers.

They are in a severe population decline and many predict they could be extinct in the not to distant future.

The Japanese demand for the the Bluefin has depleted the Atlantic tuna by as much as 90% since the 1970’s.

Placing the Bluefin tuna on the endangered species list is currently under review for that status.

For more information on the Bluefin tuna and other fish species visit Seafood Watch here.


The U.S. dumping its electronic waste on poor countries

Dumping electronic waste (e-waste) is a massive world wide problem.  When talking about toxic time bombs, e-waste is right up there with the top five ecological nightmares that we can choose to deal with now or suffer the consequences of waiting for later.

The amount of e-waste that is generated by the U.S. every year is simply staggering. The U.S. is the world’s top producer of e-waste.  According Popular Mechanics we produce 2.25 million tons of used electronics every year and recycle only 18% of our tech toys.

Why?  Because we have very few companies here that are wiling to recycle and extract components that have value (like the copper) and because it is simply cheaper to export the electronics  and let poor people in developing nations like China, India, Ghana, and Nigeria deal with the toxic waste.

Monitors, keyboards, mainframes, memory cards contain hazardous materials like lead, mercury, chromium, beryllium, cobalt, arsenic … all cancer causing agents that are constantly being released into the environment as people in poor countries are enlisted to recycle these old electronics.

The poor, often including children, dismantle dumped PCs and phones, stripping the components for the valuable — and toxic — metals contained inside.  In the process these people are constantly being exposed to cancer causing toxins, while their landfills and ground waters are hideously being polluted.

The irony here is that since the U.S. no longer is a manufacturing country, when all those container ships arriving with cheap Chinese made goods are emptied we ship the containers back filled with out electronic waste!

For more on how to recycle your computer go to Treehugger and check with you local community recycling program.  Many cities and towns reserve at least one day every year where you can bring your old electronics to be responsibility recycled.

Check it out and be sure that any sensitive or personal data has been removed!



Obama Worst President for the Environment Ever

Lost in the din of the BP Deepwater Disaster oil spill was the announcement that the United States and the Obama Administration have been major players in back room negotiations that will allow Japan, Norway, and Iceland to restart commercial whaling.

Every President since Reagan has supported the international ban on the killing of whales going back to 1986.

According to numerous sources that include the Los Angeles Times and Current TV:

After years of backroom negotiations and closed-door meetings, a secret deal has emerged that would re-start the cruel commercial slaughter of our ocean’s great whales.
That’s right, the same country that for decades has led the international fight to stop the cruel and unnecessary commercial slaughter of whales…whose president promised to be a leader on wildlife protections…is now behind the deal that would reintroduce commercial whaling. In fact, four out of the last five closed-door meetings that produced this plan have been held on American soil. This is a deal that was literally “made in the USA!”
But now – on President Obama’s watch – the United States is about to support a plan that will reintroduce legalized commercial whaling – this despite his campaign assurances that he would strengthen protections for whales.

Greenpeace has labeled President Obama as Public Enemy #1 because of his support of of this unconscionable deal that sanctions the slaughter of these magnificent creatures.


Oil Glut on World Markets … Obama Lies About Oil Resources Being Depleted!

Last night on day 57 of the BP oil disaster, we heard Obama give the speech he should have given 50 days ago.  All through the first half of the speech I kept thinking, “ya, ya I’ve heard that already… move on!

True to form, once the first part of the “See how tough I am and I really can lead this government” speech/ propaganda was finished, he launched into his “now is the time to for us to go green and stop relying on oil … yada, yada, yada!” He devoted a third of this speech to Cap ‘n Trade and new legislation that we cannot afford or want!

Part of his pitch was to tell America the reason we’re here is because we are running out of places to drill … liar, liar, pants on fire … we have plenty of places to drill, many much closer to the shore, on land, up in Anwar etc.  It is the extremists on the left who keep insisting we ignore our own natural resources … that we stop using coal, gas, oil, nuclear … anything other than those green alternatives/companies that they have invested in.

Here’s what else you didn’t hear.  There’s an oil glut in the world!

According to a recent article on the Esquire Politics Blog:

Here’s the news that really got buried headed into the weekend: Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister had his first substantive and detailed talk yesterday with Coast Guard officials in Louisiana regarding the viability and importance of deploying supertankers to the Gulf in an effort to recover the oil in the water before it ruins any more coastline.

Hofmeister has been extraordinarily tenacious in pursuit of this idea, and hopefully this breakthrough signifies serious movement toward action.

(According to Hofmeister) After all, it is not as if BP would have trouble finding supertankers to clean up the Gulf.

In all the world, there are 538 VLCC’s, or Very Large Crude Carriers.

[…] of these 538 supertankers dotting the oceans of the world, 47 were basically inert, being used for something (akin to) “floating storage.” That is, they were full of crude oil, going nowhere!

And half of these are full of Iranian heavy crude, which for various reasons no one seems to want. The point of this being that we’ve got a glut of crude on the market at the moment, and it is cheaper to store the oil on 47 of these tankers than sell it. This phenomenon is what is known in the petroleum business as a “contango,” where the delivery price exceeds the market price that you can get for the oil.

Want more?  Europe is facing a refining capacity glut and the possibility of facility closures! Read about it here and here!



For the record, I am officially sick and tired of politicians, issue orientated extremists of every size and shape who believe because they feel a certain way about an issue that we all must believe and act as they do.

The Shot - Pearl District Bistro

This is an issue orientated site that makes every attempt to treat the people who come here as adults.  I present the facts, give you my reasoning, and then judge that you will make the best decision for you and your family.

The unnecessary use and misuse of plastic is a tragedy that is nothing short of an ecological nightmare.  The damage done to the oceans, the environment, to fish, birds, and sea creatures of every type in incalculable.  That having been said, my preference is that people make the appropriate changes WITHOUT government intervention.

Now comes a New York politician, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, D-Brooklyn,who introduced a bill on March 5, that would fine restaurants $1,000 for each violation of using salt when they cook.

A THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE FOR COOKING WITH SALT!  That’s it, I’ve had it Jack!  The following is for Mr. Ortiz and all others of the same ilk:

  • Trying to eliminate salt from people’s diets while (possibly) laudable is a personal health decision that is of no concern of yours or the State of New York … I’m a grownup and I don’t need you to tell me how to eat.
  • Fining restaurant chefs for using salt when they cook, when salt can be found in nearly everything we eat (from ketchup to cereal) makes absolutely no sense.
  • If I decide that I want a chef to use less salt in a particular recipe I can ask for that change now, as I have in the past when I eat Chinese food (all that soy sauce don’t you know).
  • Eliminating salt when cooking is a akin to a sacrilege, as any decent cook will tell you.  It is needed not only for flavoring but is necessary when canning, making some breads and pastries, pickling, etc.
  • There is no single food substance that is all good or all bad. Salt, sugar, eggs, milk, meat, all have drawbacks when eaten in excessive amounts, but that doesn’t mean that we ban them because of the irresponsible behavior of a few.

Mr. Ortiz, grow up and find a real issue like the unnecessary use of plastic!  Oh ya … keep your hands off of my salt shaker!



I love animals and most creatures except yellowjackets and insects that destroy my tomato plants.

I don’t like PETA.  I understand their desire for the humane treatment of animals.  It is laudable, but their approach is so negative, so misguided and over the top that their message gets lost in the turmoil they create.  In their desire to be noticed at all costs, they have turned off millions of people who support humane treatment of animal life but don’t want to be associated with PETA.

PETA INSANITYCandidly, why would any sane person want to be associated with a group that feels the best way to get people to loose weight is to ridecule them and call them names?

PETA is also incredibly insensitive to other peoples feelings and sensibilities.  They regularly trample on them (and good taste) with such insufferable, sanctimonious arrogance … one wants to scream, “Have you all lost your minds?”  Just say the group’s name and see how many people roll their eyes and hiss as they repeat it.


Their brand of extremist activism hurts other groups with legitimate righteous issues … say like green activists trying to reduce the  UNNECESSARY consumption of plastic.

Their latest fight against McDonalds is just another example of extremist behavior designed to catch media attention.  Some people believe that any media attention is better than no media attenion.  You know … just spell my name right!  It wasn’t that long ago when Britney Spears was shaving her head to get media attention.  How’d that work?

The worst part is the pay back.   The picture below says it all … PETA SUCKS … spelled out in rabbits.


The following comments were found over at Femisex

PETA, you have finally done it. You have made me change my mind about something. Congratulations. However, it won’t be to your liking. I’m going out right now get some Kobe Steak for dinner wearing my endangered species ocelot fur coat and if any one of your mink-releasing vegan followers dares to as much as sneer in my direction I’m making a hat out of their bony ass.
I know it’s already been said, but this is disgusting. In so many ways.
Makes the t-shirt I saw recently even more funny and appropriate…”People Eating Tasty Animals”
The whole thing just makes my ample body sigh. Clearly, PETA believes any attention – bad or good – helps their cause. They oflten fail to consider the negative outcome of such efforts. Campaigns like this one – and this one is a DOOZY – actually serve the omnivore argument better than any other.
As someone who never cooks meat at home and strives to be a vegetarian (mainly for ethical reasons), I have to go with Dabitch on this one. The whole silly mess makes me want a cheeseburger.
After all of the nonsense about about that vile Cintra Wilson article, as I put it on my blog, I am beginning to suffer “outrage fatigue.” And as a luxuriously plus-sized omnivore, I intend to eat a sandwich made out of the nearest endangered species I can find.

If I thought for one second that my kid chose to go vegetarian out of some sort of weird fear of being fat, I’d be shoving prime rib down her gullet faster than you could say “all things in moderation.”

Need I say more?  Actually there is one more thing.

Calling fish sea kittens won’t stop people from consuming this valuable protein any more than it will stop people from consuming beef by calling cattle land dolphins!