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 Consulting for Business

Working with business makes good economic sense.  This is an imperative.

Corporations should to look at how the consumer views their products, their packaging, and recycling programs within the new green environment.

An honest evaluation shows that the majority of companies do not fare well.  Corporations are making surface changes to be sure, but these changes are mostly cosmetic. Most changes have little impact on reducing  the unnecessary use of plastic in their packaging or merchandising.

The term green washing is spot on when the changes made are for PR reasons and little else.

Consumers want a cleaner environment and smarter uses of our resources.  Consumers are leading the charge to make the environment and the world we live in a cleaner place.

Supermarkets, department stores, consumer products manufacturers, home improvement chains … all can find ways to use less plastic.

  • Consumers have already shown they will stop using plastic bags and will re-cycle when given the opportunity
  • The challenge is to develop and execute corporate programs that will facilitate change internally as well as externally in the corporate environment.

As more and more consumers demand greener solutions will your company’s programs be green in name only or genuinely effective?

We offer smart solutions to big box retailers, grocery chains, consumer products manufacturers, and more.

Consider what not changing will have on your bottom line.

For an evaluation of your company’s Green Index contact us. We will show you how to proceed from here and how to gain an edge over your competitors and in the marketplace.

In today’s tough economic climate having a high Green Index is important and translates into sales.  Give your company an edge over your competition.





  1. kushi kushi
    August 24, 2009    

    really loved the website esp all the vidoes posted on u – tube.
    all this will help me educate the school children in my town.

  2. May 1, 2009    

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    Thanks in advance for considering If you would like to join with us and take advantage of this opportunity, please contact me directly.

    Talk to you soon!

    -Chris Rose

  3. sportsone234 sportsone234
    January 12, 2009    
  4. Pam Pam
    January 12, 2009    

    I absolutely LOVE your site! The youtube video on plastic bags says it all. I thought you might be interested in my new company called Bagnesia (a person’s forgetfulness to grab their reusable bags) because we are trying to make it easier for people to use reusable bags and just say no to plastic in their lives.

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