Jamie Oliver's show Food Revolution is must see TV

If you or anyone in your family is overweight you need to watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on Friday evenings at 9 PM.

We are a fatter, less healthy country than at any period in our history. We consume more calories than can be used by our bodies while we exercises less.  We are paying price

The number of obese people has grown to epidemic proportions since the 1970’s.  An impassioned Jamie Oliver is trying to do change the tide and bring sanity back to the way we eat. After watching the first two episodes of his new series, it is easy to see why fully 30% of the US population is obese or morbidly obese.Jamie

If you think our schools are doing a good job addressing the nutritional needs and obesity problems facing our kids you’d be wrong! If your child’s cafeteria serves food like the schools in Huntington, West Virginia, described as America’s unhealthiest and most obese city, where the show is being shot the chances are you are raising an unhealthy child who will grow into an unhealthy adult.

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