Earth Day 2015; why are you still using single-use plastic bags & bottles?

I have been writing about plastic debris and the environment since 2008. At that time few people were aware of the consequences of plastic trash, knew about the 5 Gyres, or the devastation caused by countless millions of people choosing convenience over common sense! Prior to the April 2009 Earth Day show Oprah did on ” The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” no one knew about the many species of birds, marine life and mammals suffering the consequences of plastic trash, most dying slow deaths.

Trash left behind after Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Concert.

Trash left after Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Concert.

This is simple. Now we know about the tragic consequences that single-use plastic bags and bottles are. We know plastic trash and debris are a scourge that is devastating the world’s environment. Plastic pollution is found in every corner of the earth even in the Arctic and Antarctic, the Sahara Desert!  It is in our oceans, our lakes and streams and on land virtually everywhere.

Unlike global warming aka climate change there is no controversy. Plastic pollution is real and it is here now. Unfortunately, the Earth Day organization is not the place to look for real solutions.

The axiom, “nothing speaks louder than words” is not true. The truth is, nothing speaks louder than actions! These pictures show the actions of faux greenies, professing their love of the environment while drinking out of plastic bottles and using plastic bags.


Faux-greenies leave behind mountains of plastic trash after pre-Earth Day 2015 event!

Unfair you say? Well just take a look at Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Concert once the event ended.  The pre-Earth Day event was held on the Washington Mall on April 19, 2015.

Hoards of faux-greenies got  together to listen to music and  talk about their love of the environment while leaving behind massive amounts of plastic trash!

The concert itself was solar-powered, which obviously is good. However, the pictures of the mountains of single-use plastic bottles, plastic bags and Styrofoam trash left behind show what a truly epic failure Earth Day is 45 years later!

Let me ask again, are you STILL using single-use plastic bags and bottles while proclaiming your love for the environment? If so, why?

More importantly, what will it take for you to give up your addiction to the stuff?