Why a Romney Presidency Will Be Better for Jobs & the Environment Than Obama

There is such extremism on both sides of the environment/green movement that the words common sense environmentalism are viewed as an oxymoron. The battle lines have been so fiercely drawn that compromise on any level is deemed impossible.

Rest in Peace

The constant rhetorical flame throwing on left, riddled with accusations that all conservatives want dirty air, dirty water and to plunder the planet brings nothing but derision and contempt from those who want a better environment tempered with a modicum of practicality. Such is the case of Romney vs Obama and the 2012 election.

From Concept to Execution

Many feel that Obama’s record on the environment can best be described as the politics of illusion brought to a new high. The concept of a stronger economy stimulated by growth of new green jobs has very strong surface appeal. Had Obama’s administration conducted a genuine evaluation into all the factors necessary to execute a successful program, the green jobs programs might have had a chance.

The truth is Obama’s green jobs policies have been a financial boondoggle for the taxpayers, littered with the likes of Satcom, Solyndra, Abound Solar and Evergreen Solar. Over thirty-five companies have already filed for bankruptcy or are nearing it according to Green Corruption.This is a spectacular record of failure for economy and the environment with cronyism and corruption reigning over common sense and the common good.

What Counts is Execution

All of which brings us to Romney, a politician with a record of balancing both the needs of the economy and the environment. When Republican Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts he worked with a legislature comprised of 85% Democrats and he got things done.

According to the New York Times:

Today in Massachusetts, environmentalists credit Mr. Romney with helping to promote smart growth and reducing air pollution by putting in place tough regulations curbing certain toxic emissions from power plants. They also praise him for signing into law a bill embracing oil spill prevention measures.

Brian Gilmore of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts recently told USA Today that Romney struck a balance as governor balancing the needs of the environment with concerns about potential regulations and their impact on employers. In other words the environment didn’t suffer because Romney also looked forward, weighting the consequences of legislation on Massachusetts employers and workers.

This is a common sense approach to the government’s involvement to environmentalism. Romney has said, “thoughtful environmentalism need not be anti-growth and anti-jobs.” and his record in Massachusetts as well as his endorsements demonstrate that.

You can check out Mitt Romney’s environmental record and platform here. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for jobs and the environment!