Death by Plastic Bags & Bottles

The ongoing devastation to the oceans and our environment caused by plastic trash in all its forms continues at an alarming rate.  Our oceans are becoming little more than sewers for the world’s refuge.

Millions of tons of plastic debris and trash are now occupying 5 Gyres in the oceans.  We knew about the Pacific Gyre , twice the size of Texas, only last year did we start hearing about the other four massive Gyres.

It is estimated that there could be hundreds of millions of tons of plastic rubbish floating in the world’s oceans. In Japan alone, it is calculated that 150,000 tons of plastic is washed up on its shores each year.

According to a recent article in  National Geographic News,  44 percent of all seabirds eat plastic, apparently by mistake, sometimes with fatal effects. And 267 marine species are affected by plastic garbage—animals are known to swallow plastic bags, which resemble jellyfish in mid-ocean, for example—according to a 2008 study in the journal Environmental Research by oceanographer and chemist Charles Moore, of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation.

Plastic hits marine creatures with a double whammy, Moore said. Along with the toxic chemicals released from the breakdown of plastic, animals also take in other chemicals that the plastic has accumulated from outside sources in the water.

“We knew ten years ago that plastic could be a million times more toxic than the seawater itself,” because plastic items tend to accumulate a surface layer of chemicals from seawater, Moore said. “They’re sponges.”

Oprah’s Earth Day shows have been a  powerful means of focusing on this unnecessary man made plastic nightmare.

3 thoughts on “Death by Plastic Bags & Bottles
  1. All nations have banned polythene bags. Plastic, while burning, produces carbon dioxide. This causes many diseases in human beings.
    So, we must cooperate and help save the environment by saying `No’ to the plastic bags.
    Instead of polythene, the use of paper or eco-friendly produce must be encouraged. These are recyclable and biodegradable. It will not harm the environment in any way. So let us say, “Yes” to the environment-friendly paper bags

  2. Lets be together & say no to Plastic Water Bottles and Save Earth, Save Life, Save Natural Resources

    For years now people have been polluting our green planet with plastic waste. The pollution is accumulating at such an alarming rate that there is not enough time nor people on the planet to clean it all up. Everyday the problem is only getting worse, and we are slowly starting to kill our planet. It’s ironic that as large of a threat as this problem poses, very little is being done about it.

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