Plastic pollution is a world wide problem.

Every continent, every ocean, inlet and waterway is drowning in the stuff. We are suffocating the earth in plastic and this hasn’t gone un-noticed by many in the European community and around the world.

We are a global community linked together and we can never forget that what happens in the our country impacts on millions of people in countries on every continent around the globe. We all share in the trashing of our environment. We all share in its clean up and restoration for ourselves and future generations.

This site was recently linked to a site that is written in mostly in Dutch. Please visit the site and look the pictures . . . whether you speak another language besides English is besides the point. A look at the pictures and it it clear that words aren’t really necessary, are they?

Concern for this problem is growing and many countries are ahead of us in addressing this growing threat to our environment.


Change can happen. Coming at a fine restaurant near you . . .soon!

  • Beginning today, take an inventory of the plastic in your home and analyze how you can begin to eliminate it from your daily life.
  • Start collecting the plastic you were going to mindlessly throw away and re-cycle it. Bring it to your local grocery store or location where it is being collected.
  • Buy a re-usable bag (s) and keep it in your car so the next time you go shopping one less plastic bag is used.

Next time . . . how to make the changes necessary.

  1. toon:

    I visited stop-de-wegwerpwaanzin and found your name there. You can contact me at

    It looks as if you write the blog . . . can’t be absolutely sure because like most Americans I only speak English (although I read French.) If you do, would you consider writing an article for this blog . . . be a guest editor or something. I would love to have posts from concerned people across the globe.

    BTW, the election has taken most of time for the 6 weeks… expect a new post before the end of the week.

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