I love animals and most creatures except yellowjackets and insects that destroy my tomato plants.

I don’t like PETA.  I understand their desire for the humane treatment of animals.  It is laudable, but their approach is so negative, so misguided and over the top that their message gets lost in the turmoil they create.  In their desire to be noticed at all costs, they have turned off millions of people who support humane treatment of animal life but don’t want to be associated with PETA.

PETA INSANITYCandidly, why would any sane person want to be associated with a group that feels the best way to get people to loose weight is to ridecule them and call them names?

PETA is also incredibly insensitive to other peoples feelings and sensibilities.  They regularly trample on them (and good taste) with such insufferable, sanctimonious arrogance … one wants to scream, “Have you all lost your minds?”  Just say the group’s name and see how many people roll their eyes and hiss as they repeat it.


Their brand of extremist activism hurts other groups with legitimate righteous issues … say like green activists trying to reduce the  UNNECESSARY consumption of plastic.

Their latest fight against McDonalds is just another example of extremist behavior designed to catch media attention.  Some people believe that any media attention is better than no media attenion.  You know … just spell my name right!  It wasn’t that long ago when Britney Spears was shaving her head to get media attention.  How’d that work?

The worst part is the pay back.   The picture below says it all … PETA SUCKS … spelled out in rabbits.


The following comments were found over at Femisex

PETA, you have finally done it. You have made me change my mind about something. Congratulations. However, it won’t be to your liking. I’m going out right now get some Kobe Steak for dinner wearing my endangered species ocelot fur coat and if any one of your mink-releasing vegan followers dares to as much as sneer in my direction I’m making a hat out of their bony ass.
I know it’s already been said, but this is disgusting. In so many ways.
Makes the t-shirt I saw recently even more funny and appropriate…”People Eating Tasty Animals”
The whole thing just makes my ample body sigh. Clearly, PETA believes any attention – bad or good – helps their cause. They oflten fail to consider the negative outcome of such efforts. Campaigns like this one – and this one is a DOOZY – actually serve the omnivore argument better than any other.
As someone who never cooks meat at home and strives to be a vegetarian (mainly for ethical reasons), I have to go with Dabitch on this one. The whole silly mess makes me want a cheeseburger.
After all of the nonsense about about that vile Cintra Wilson article, as I put it on my blog, I am beginning to suffer “outrage fatigue.” And as a luxuriously plus-sized omnivore, I intend to eat a sandwich made out of the nearest endangered species I can find.

If I thought for one second that my kid chose to go vegetarian out of some sort of weird fear of being fat, I’d be shoving prime rib down her gullet faster than you could say “all things in moderation.”

Need I say more?  Actually there is one more thing.

Calling fish sea kittens won’t stop people from consuming this valuable protein any more than it will stop people from consuming beef by calling cattle land dolphins!

  1. Meat is protein… The ones who Die from meat is called… What..? No??? Okay, I’ll say it a little thing called “Over consumption” ever hear of a quote called “Too much of a good thing, is a bad thing?” Well… there are a lot of pills for life-altering disabilities that are made from excess protein which is filtered off of Meat… Then processed and shaped into a pill, for the GOOD of many people… Protein from meat is helped with our troops, we get rid of meats then they stay much longer in boot camp not being graduated to be a troop within a few months so they can get their asses into battle, we save animals and eat non-meat items? Well we have less troops… We have a world war? we’re screwed with not enough troops… That falls into a new category of vocabulary… “Supply and Demand” within another category of PETA list of extermination… Sheep Shearing… We use that wool for clothes and bandages, without that we’d be Naked and a loss of medical supplies, Drugs are not the only thing we need to block a bleeding artery, we use them to slow the Blood Flow, but it’s still coming out, so we wrap it up in Bandages to stop the blood from gushing out until it stops… Another thing is the Diseases we get from animals… Influenza plague for instance… wiped out a third of the population from earth… Statistics show that it was 33(which still goes on with 3s but that isn’t important) It came from Pigs and Chickens-STOP!!! You’re probably going to jump to conclusions saying “We had them captured so they gave us the disease!” Well, you’re right and wrong… If they are gone from farms they could wander into the streets with the diseases still on them-AGAIN!!! You’re thinking (probably) “We’re not eating them so we’re fine!” Right and wrong again, it’s not transmitted through JUST livestock meat, it’s also through air (Airborne) and Water (Waterborne) We won’t hunt them, but Wolves and other things will… and wolves don’t eat a particularly large percentage of the carcass, if they’re chased off by a bigger predator they’ll leave the carcass where it was If it were in the water, it’s blood containing the virus would flow into water supplies and villages water supply… Or if there’s a large amount of carcasses the virus will then flow into the air we breath-ONE LAST TIME!!! You’re probably thinking that “We could make a Vaccine for the Virus” well, since PETA doesn’t want us experimenting on animals How are we going to get an Original sample of the virus? From people… Nope, That’s a Mutated version… and What are we going to test it on? People? Nope, can’t do that within the Constitution… So we need Rats or anything else that we use for experiments…

    • You seem passionate about what you are writing, but I don’t know what your point is. Can you put it in 3 sentences or less?

  2. I’m not anti-vegetarian, nor am I going to become one because some extremist treehuggers think I should.

    For thousands of years, mankind has killed animals for fur, for meat, for weapons, for medicine. In Neolithic, the people then killed mammoths and smilodons for their fur, and meat for food. They used their bones to make into weapons, which they could then kill more animals to survive.

    As time went on and we enter the Biblical era, mankind still killed, but they used camels and asses to travel. They still killed the animals at that time to feed their families and to use the fur for clothing.

    We are now entering the medieval era. Deer are alive and booming. We are killing them once again for food, but now we use DOGS to kill RABBITS. OMG, WE’RE FORCING ANIMALS TO COMMIT ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!1!!!111!1!!1!!11!!!!! Yeah, big whoop. Deal with it.

    Now we are in the 1800’s. Native Americans are following their customs and using every bit of the animal to live. The people living in towns and cities hunt for money and trade. The french kill caribou, wolves, and foxes for fur trades with the Indians.

    And now we are in the modern era. If you haven’t noticed yet, people in the South and North of America are still hunting, people in Africa hunt, the natives of Australia are hunting, People in Canada hunt, there are livestock in Europe sold for meat and profit, and Asia kills chicken. Heck, Japan makes Sushi from Octopus and Shark. Problem, extremists?

    People where I live hunt hogs, deer, rabbits, squirrel, and duck. They aren’t going to stop because a few buttnaked chicks holding baby animals and flashing their breasts and rears in the images are preferring to go naked than wear fur. They aren’t going to stop because KFC has their own way of killing chicken. They aren’t going to stop because a whole cow isn’t fully used for food. They aren’t going to stop because people are vegetarians?



    If you can’t learn to live with history, then live as a hobo or go kill yourself. Just because you love animals so much you wouldn’t want to kill one doesn’t mean we’ll do the same thing. If I had to kill to live, I would. I’m fullblood Carnivarian, I don’t eat plants. It’s how I live, it’s my custom. I’m not converting because some naked models want me to.

    Opinion stated. If you have a problem with it, email me at Icreate@aol.com . Other wise, grow up. I’m 16, and I act more mature than half you PETA extremist lovers do.

  3. Personally, I feel everyone should choose, i am vegitarian, i personally suppourt most aspects of PETA and that is my desicion. I have no intent to convert anyone, all meat eaters have made their desision too but here is something I’d like to clear up because im frustrated about some anti vegetarian comments.I can’t tell you how many times i have and will hear these phrases in my life. Not only are the phrases frustrating to me but it is very rude, even if your anonymous behind your computer!

    1. “not eating meat, wont stop the slaughter”
    Well actually if everyone turned vegetarian (not that, that SHOULD happen) the demand for meat would stop and slaughter house’s would go out of business…

    2. “Humans are made to eat meat!”
    Yeah well in some aspects its not the fact im trying to change the world or say humans arent made to eat meat, but maybe i just don’t want or like the idea of a dead animal on my plate?

    3. “Stop getting attention, meat tastes good, you know it does!”
    When people use this excuse, i cant help thinking, this is my damn desison! and if you want to argue about it, Saying “meat tastes good” is like hitting lets say… a toddler with a hammer then saying “but it feels good!

    4. “if we didnt eat cows/pigs/sheep/rabbit/etc they would overpopulate”
    why not try leaving the population control to the predators and its hardly gonna help population control if we’re farming them! also see number 2

    Last thing-“If PETA would stop its extreme methods this wouldn’t happen.”

    I doubt it.
    I don’t think cruelty and slaughter were started by PETA.

    Thanks- this is my opinion, and you are entitled to yours. Just think before you comment or judge

  4. all you people who complain that PETA is such a bad organisation because they dont mind bad publisity are IDIOTS!!! why dont you get off your ass and fight for something instead of complaining about it!!! i for one llove what peta is doing, not everyone needs to be a vegetarian. but if everyone fought for something that meant alot to them then maby the world wouldnt be so fucked up.
    PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE THE COVE!!! it shows how cruel people can be and how people can say that their practises are humane , but in actual fact they arent. thanx

  5. Are you people serious! The whole point PETA does these things is to send a message to people who just don’t understand the meaning of killing and torturing animals. They send these horrific and non sentimental messages so it could get into peoples tiny brains. I know many will ignore and still eat meat, but we could eat meat as well, but as long the slaughter houses don’t tourture the poor animals, and also the ones who kill animals, and skin them alive,and also all those puppy mills, shelters, and people who also abuse there own animals in there homes. That is what peta wants the world to listen. Who care about hurting peoples feelings and what they think is wrong. The world has change, no more being nice and sucking the boob. We have to stand up in what we belive is wrong, and change it for future reasonings.For better food prodution, and healthy life styles, and the for the sake of the animals too. As you may know there are many animals being extinct to our selfish needs. What would the world become if there are no more animals to feed off of. Think about it. Its to learn how to servive the non torture way of animals.

  6. I’m with PETA, and I agree, they do get a little extremist. They do many stupid things that just lead to even more stupid things being done, but that’s all people look at. They don’t look at the good things about PETA. They’ve given me some great information on factory farms, and other things like that, that I probably couldn’t have gotten from just any animal rights group. Thank to PETA, I became vegetarian, and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been! One of my doctors, he’s never eaten meat or fish in his entire life, and he’s super healthy, still going strong, and 94 years old! I’m a vegetarian, and I’m not pale, and I do have a healthy glow to my skin. Did you know you could get protein from eggs? Yeah. But I do agree, PETA goes a little bit over the top sometimes, but they do it for all the right reasons, even if they aren’t doing it right.

    a sensible PETA member.

    • Makayla

      It is good to know not everyone with PETA is a “nut job”. I too have found myself eating less meat etc, but this isn’t because of PETA. Reading about factory farms, GMO’s, etc, is enough to make any thinking person step back and think.

  7. I was all for PETA; you know before they started making fun of us chubby people? Not everyone gets chubby from eating MEAT. There are certain metabolic or adrenal gland disorders that cause weight gain. Sometimes; our weight IS out of our control. Personally, I don’t like veggies. Fruits I LOVE. The only meat I eat is chicken. I am on a healthy diet, strictly organic, healthy foods, exercising. & guess what? No weight loss. Because I have Hypothyroidism. Gonna call someone with a medical condition a whale? Now who’s heartless? (;
    I am an animal lover, to the very core of my being. Just seeing those ASPCA commercials make me cry. So saying that someone is a “heartless meat eater” because they eat meat, is ridiculous. I would rather die than have my babies suffer. I have a kitten & 2 doves. They’re my babies & no matter how many times my kitten pees on my stuff (thank goodness for washing machines) I would never hurt her. Ever. Doing something like that would kill me. I truly don’t understand how people can be cruel to animals smaller than them.
    On a scientific note; those who eat meat are in fact MUCH healthier than vegans/vegetarians. You can tell just by looking at their pallor. Those who consume meat get all the necessary proteins their bodies need to function properly. While those who don’t simply don’t get what their bodies need. They are usually pale while those who eat meat have a healthy glow to their skin. Daily supplements aren’t the same as the actual protein from the meat.
    Believe what you want. I believe that animal abuse is disgusting. But eating meat is something the human race has been doing since the beginning. Sure we were born with no weapons. But without them, how would we have become the superior race? I know that sounds cliche but weapons did help in the very beginning. Now I view them as less necessary.
    Well, time to get off my soap box.
    Have a great day! (:

  8. That ‘Peta sucks’ picture is sick. The people who made it are sick. What did those rabbits ever do to them? Huh? People who hunt or kill animals for fur or fun or no reason at all deserve to die themselves, no fine or prison sentance is good enough. You can’t pay for taking a life, and even when you’re in prison, you’re still alive while the animals you’ve killed are dead and can never be brought back.
    Call me preachy or unfair if you like, but that’s what I believe and nothing can ever change my opinion.

  9. To all those people out there screaming “I eat meat , we were born to eat meat, it gives us the protiens and vitamins the body needs, its about survival, its about evolution” I wholly agree that our bodies do indeed need an external source of essential fatty acids to survive… The human body breaks down everything that it digests and restructures it on a molecular level to form various peptide bonds, vitamins and so on. Essential fatty acids are something that we are unable to break down via other foods and recreate to form these bonds. So we have to get them as a prime source, and these essential fats are found in abundance in meat & Fish…

    Problem is, all you meat eaters out there who state to kill cows, rabbits etc etc is just part of evolution are wholly incorrect.
    None of us were born with knives or guns attached to our limbs..We are the only animal who uses something else to kill our food with. You see evolution works on an organic level..The true meaning of evolution, is not about survival of the fittest, the strongest and so on.. Evolution is about what species is able to adapt to its enviroment to survive. In other words, we are what we are born with.

    In regards to physical ability, we are no better adapted than the apes, who like us, needs those fatty acids that their bodies the same as ours cannot het any other way but from a prome source..Guess what folks. The apes do stick to their evolutionary capabilities..they eat grubs,insects and other things that physically like us, are able to catch without the aid of something they were not born with.

    Eating meat is part of our nature, eating meat is certainly required for our species to survive..But when it comes down to it, strip a man of everything but what he was born with, and then lets see what evolution has dictated for him to be able to eat. And it aint cows or anything than can run faster than 10mph!

  10. PETA is being extreme because if they weren’t, nobody would listen! And why did you kill all of those rabbits! even though you are a meat eater doesn’t mean you can eat all f them before they rot! then you throw them outside, dead, when you could have just left them alone. What if I came in and killed all of your kids. ya you wouldn’t like that. just because they aren’t the same species a you doesn’t mean they don’t have feeling. I support PETA all the way!

    • vegangirl

      Comments like yours are silly and childish. You sound like an 8th grader when you say, “What if I came in and killed all of your kids?” No one takes you seriously or PETA. Time for PETA and you to grow up.

      You will be booted from here unless you can add something concrete to the conversation.

  11. *sigh* the human race is so conflicting I don’t know what to think about it anymore. Truth is PETA does more harm than good to animals and they give people who actually CARE about the wildlife a bad name. One day, it’ll be humanity that kills itself. On a side note I wonder what will happen if you tell an animal hater that PETA kills animals more than rescues them…

  12. I can’t believe that you killed so many rabbits just to spell ” PETA SUCKS”
    Peta doesn’t suck, but people who do something so disgusting.
    How can you kill animals and be proud of it?
    I really can’t understand it.
    Is a human live better than the live of an animal?
    I don’t think so.
    That’s all i can say & this is my point of view.

    • Veggi

      Killing those rabbits to spell Peta Sucks was an act of protest. If PETA would stop its extreme methods this wouldn’t happen.

      • “If PETA would stop its extreme methods this wouldn’t happen.”

        I doubt it.
        I don’t think cruelty and slaughter were started by PETA.

        It only goes to prove that these kinds of methods by PETA or (others) doesn’t really work.

        Protesting may have made a difference in the past – that’s up for debate.
        It’s questionable if it’s making a difference now other than getting attention.

        People are developing an ‘Immunity’ to protests and show that raising the stakes like PETA, or anyone else does, helps no one.
        Apparently, including the animals.

        I agree PETA creates as much harm as the good it tries to do. Blaming one person’s actions on another … that makes no sense to me.

        How about if we each take responsibility for our own decisions, and do our best to live our own beliefs rather than put all that energy into trying to change the beliefs of others.

  13. That PETA SUCKS rabbit sign is awesome. I must thank them for reducing our rabbit population somewhat… Haha it’s funny, this was recomended to me while eating a chili dog and ham =3

  14. i can´t understand how people are able to do this type of cruelty! animals can´t defende themselves and PETA is only trying to help them!! stop criticising and try to do something about it instead of saying bad things about the ones who really care

    • helena

      My criticisms of PETA have to do with their tactics. Their message is lost because of their rude, crude assaults on people. I do not condone cruelty to animals. What I want is a balance between the ethical, respectful harvesting of animal protein and nature.

  15. PETA has no funding. All the people working for it are volunteers. They have to draw attention to their cause through media and naked advertisements or controversial choices are the only way to do it. And you know what, hurt feelings are a pretty minimal punishment for someone chosing to wear a coat made of 20 skinned alive animals (often cats or dogs despite a label saying it’s mink) simply to showcase their overabundance of money.

    • Emily

      Whether PETA is funded or not is immaterial. There are many ways to draw attention to an issue without being violently obnoxious or hurtful. You get back what you give and the push back against PETA because of their tactics is loud and vocal.

      FYI, the post about PETA is the 3rd most read on this blog … that should tell you something. There are a large number of legitimate issues that PETA brings up that the general public NEVER HEARS because they are so turned off by the organization, and that is too bad.

  16. Well I would like to start off by saying that I love the picture with the rabbits saying PETA sucks, its 110% true. I would love to know what PETA does for the environment. Hunting and fishing license sells in America raises billions of dollars for the protection and preservation of wildlife and habitat. Does PETA plant fields of corn, clover, oats or anything else for animals? I don’t think so, does PETA make thousands of wood duck boxes for the ducks to raise there young? Yeah right, PETA is absolutely nothing but a joke, there doing more harm than good. P-PEOPLE E-EATING T-TASTY A-ANIMALS

  17. I felt I should mention the rabbits. Where we come from, rabbits come in plagues. We don’t shoot them for sport, we shoot them because they cause damage to the livelyhoods of people and animals. A plague of rabbits will create warrens all through a paddock. These warrens can be large, and multiple cows, sheep and other animals such as horses can misplace a step, break their leg and die slowly in agony under the blistering heat of the summer sun. These poor beasts possibly won’t be noticed until the wind carries the smell over from the back paddock, at which point it is hard to do anything for them.
    Left to their own devices, rabbits will also eat vegetation meant for animals and humans alike, and doing so starves other herbivorous creatures out of existence.
    Also, we eat what we kill, and use what we can’t eat for other purposes such as winter clothes, fertiliser or pet food. Waste is unnecessary.

  18. This is so pathetic. If someone really cared about the welfare of living feeling creatures how the hell could any cause change their mind so much that they start supporting the killing and torturing of animals? PETA only pushes the urgency of the animals’ situations with true facts which people need to hear to be able to decide if what they’re doing is right or not. I’m so embarrassed for humanity.

    • It is PETA’s tactics that turn people off. A more balanced and mature approach would reap benefits.

  19. PETA campaign applies largely on a emotional level. Calling fish “Sea Kittens” and having woman go nude with posters doesn’t make an intellectual argument.

    As PETA draws consumer attention we have only ourselves to blame for endorsing there extremist ways. Stop listening, watching and attending and it would go away.

    But how can i turn away when half naked woman are in plastic bags!

    For a more detailed argument about peta visit theonion.com and hunt down there artical on peta.

  20. I agree with Paige.. Its just that the way we kill these poor animals is so inhumane.. I understand that not everybody can become a vegetarian, it really isn’t easy. I just wish that we can find a better way to kill these animals without causing pain. But hunting I’m just not for at all.. I understand the whole Alaska part, but hunting as a sport is just terrible. I don’t try to change people, all I ask is that people become more aware of where the meat their eating came from and how it was killed.

    One thing that I’ve gotten used to is that some of my friends who are meat eaters tend to tell me how being a vegetarian is so unhealthy and that I’m not getting enough protein. I simply say that I feel great, I never get sick and my doctor says I’m healthy as can be. They just get stumped because they can’t think of another comeback. I’m not one of those vegetarians that preaches to random people about how good not eating meat is for them, I just want people to back off and let me do what I want you know. Anyway that’s all I’ve got to say. Everyones made very good points here and I respect that.

  21. Ok so the only reason you people hate PETA is because they want to get people’s attention? All they do is say the truth and just because you can’t face the truth you have to hate them?

    That’s just retarded.

    • I personally do not hate PETA, but some people do. What I, and millions of others like me, dislike are PETA’s methods … which are divisive, rude, and juvenile. They turn people off with their showboat insensitivity to the feelings of others. Referring to fat/overweight people as whales as a way to get them to loose weight or become vegetarians is cruel.

  22. What the hell is wrong with people? Okay, eat meat, whatever, but why do people have to kill animals, seriously? I hàte it when people say oh, we need to eat something, we’ve always hunted and ate meat. Ok, well we should be better people! We’re not cavemen anymore, we should get past this and stop eating meat.

    • Kayla:

      The truth is, whether you understand it or approve of it, homo sapiens, are meat eaters. There are parts of the country where people hunt because they need the food. That’s true in Alaska, in many parts of the West and the rural South, and elsewhere around the world. There are very few issues that are strictly black (bad guys eat meat) or white ( I don’t eat meat) … there are many gray areas to most of the social and environmental issues that plague us.

      I eat meat, chicken, fish, etc. but rely on it as a source of protein far less than I did in past. My hesitancy to ingest proteins of this type have more to do with issues of how the meat/chickens are raised & injected with chemicals, the waste produced that leaches into the soil and ground water, pollution in the oceans that pollute the fish we eat. Yes, I am also concerned about how these animals are killed. There are ethical ways to handle this … less horrific ways. On this we can agree.

      Might I also affirm, again, that when organizations like PETA resort to extremism in order to get their message across that they turn off millions of people who would find more sympathy with their cause if they presented their issues in a calm, realistic manner. Renaming fish sea kittens is dumb … childish. Frightening children who go to McDonald’s for a burger is maddening, destroying other people’s property because you don’t agree with their positions creates fury and push back. Insulting overweight people by calling them whales as a way to make them change their eating habits is rude, mean spirited, and counterproductive.

      Here’s another truth, you always get more with honey than vinegar. Extremism in the defense of anything … politics, religion, the environment, social activism, is still extremism.

      • oh.I wanted to reply but you’d done already.I totally agree,I’m a meat eater too,and not for the joke.the real problem isn’t that the eated animals are killed,but HOW.
        Anywayz,just for example,Kayla and others,I love animals and those pictures where they’re in suffer are break my heart too,but PETA is really a little childish way and vegetarians?sorry,but say to the bear that “don’t eat meat cause there’s strawberry too.”. and sorry for my english.

  23. The men who shot all the rabbits and lined up their bodies to make words is the best example I can think of to show the ignornace, the cowardice, and the pathetic little men who kill other living beings for fun. I don’t even have to make my point. These guys made it for me.
    Is it any wonder that the vast majority of people see hunting and killing animals for any reason as the barbaric and brutal activity that it is? In a few more years the hunters will be trying to recruit 4 year olds to kill animals because even grade school children want to grow up to be kind, good people, not disgusting murderers.
    I feel sorry for you but I feel more sorry for your victims.
    If you believe in God, try to imagine for a moment what merciful and loving Jesus thinks of you.
    Genesis: eat of the herbs and plants, for you, this shall be meat.
    I believe that most men who feel the need to kill the defenseless were beaten by their fathers. And their fathers were beaten by theri fathers. Time to break the cycle of violence. Time to grow up and be men.

    • To the writer of this comment. It was edited for obvious reasons. We get it, you don’t like PETA. If want to be taken seriously, next time think before you write. You sound as extreme as PETA and I don’t think that was your intent.


      Grrrrr…. I may be late in my reply to this, but you bible thumping morons really piss me off. You think your smart by quoting something out of the bible? Yet, you didnt finish the entire quote, re read your bullshit book again, and pay close attention to the part about the creatures being there for man to dominate.

      Bible fact #2, God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, on the 7th he rested, then, he was like oh fuck, men need a hole to plug, and made women. If you disbelieve me, read the bible yourself.

      Bible Fact #3, God also has in there about man consuming all “seed” bearing herb, so with another biblical fact, pot should be made legal, even by all those that are religious, wanna argue facts, get some, not what your interpretation of the bible says.

      As for PETA, im a meat eater, eos, no denying it. BUT, I too would be fucking outraged at the shit you try to FORCE people to do. What you want, is bordering on Hitlerism, do as I say, or your gone. Saddest point, is how you PETA worshippers say save the animals, but have no probs telling us we should fuck off and die. That speaks loads for your “humanity”

  24. i don’t like the photo aboveded; the one with 2 guys and the dead anmilas witf the write: peta sucks…

    i think peta is a begin, with everything must be a begin.. its is disgustening that chinese people take off the fur of LIVING creatures…… ( cats, dogs, raccoon) do YOU want that this peolpe do that to you or you’re child?=NO is the answer…animals also have feelings…… i hate people, they are full of hate……

    So..this picture must be a picture with dead children, than maybe the message of peta wil be more comparable…….

    ita so disgusting that peole do this to innocent animals…..that peole must be shut down..

    save 1 animal, save the world…. and be a better living creature….

    • I wondered if I should allow this comment and finally decided it was better to show it than to delete it. Readers can make their own decision as to its merit.

    • i ate my first born child... i see nothing wrong with picturing those animals as children, you just dont have the balls. with out hunters, rabbits and other hunted creatures would over populate, destroying the land… whats more valuable? land that can be lived on, or a few dead rabbits? there are millions of rabbits in the world. where do you think the term “breeding like rabbits” came from?

      • A few dead rabbits? Is that all you see in that picture? You don’t see murderous cowards proudly showing off their poor innocent ”Catch of the day”?
        Oh, and just to answer your question:
        The live of just one innocent rabbit is way more important than land. And I hope you die in the burning depths of hell for your meaningless way of seeing wildlife.

      • You’re right, rabbits and other hunted creatures may be over populating our land. But guess what species over populate the land and destroy the land the most? Us, Humans. We have done more harm to this planet than any other species, by far. I’m not hating on humans, this is just a fact. Certain species seem over populated. Yet we have led others to go extinct. We all need to try to see this from a different perspective. How can we make the world last? Not ‘how can we piss each other off by saying hurtful things?’

    • u guys are full of crap. animals are for food. but that’s not the only thing that they are good for. does it hurt when u get a haircut? ofcorce it dosn’t. to sheep that’s what it feels like. when someone has a bird debeaked, its not cruel, its for the safty of the animals around them. its the same thing when a cow is dehorned. or when a cow is milked. think about it.

      • @nopeta . You says that if we cut the animals then it’s just like we cut our hairs or something like that … I thing you are really a fool kind of person…
        It is not true that animals don’t have pain when you cut them… From the scientific point of view a man is also a animal which is represented with the name ‘Homosapien’… Now if I come to your house and cut your legs, your arms then according to your above given theory you should not have any pain.. Or do you?..
        Come On man just think that GOD is present in everyone so why do we cut the animals for just our mouth taste…

        Thanks!!! (:

  25. Yeah, exactly.
    They are saying that PETA is going too far when they have a picture posted of dead rabbits spelling “PETA sucks”

    • I love to eat meat, and there is noone who can stop me from doing it. I will keep eating meat and my kids will keep eat meat.

      • You can have an early death then with your fatty filled arteries and abundance of other disorders from your “meat diet”……..the sooner meat eaters leave the earth the better so cheers.

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