Some posts don’t need many words … this is from the Mother Nature Network.

After seeing these pictures,  one has to ask if this the legacy our generation wants to leave to those we leave behind … a complete absence of God’s best creations … photos of what polar bears and lions used to look like?

I know as I write, that in a world where millions do not have clean water to drink, or food to eat, or decent housing, or a decent job that savings these animals may seem to be insignificant by comparison.

In reality, so few things in life are ever as easy as choosing black or white.  A species once lost is lost forever.  We need to continue to find ways of valuing all life!

10 animals on the verge of extinction

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Polar bears
This one shouldn’t surprise you. The polar bear has become the poster animal for the devastating changes global warming is bringing to the Arctic. Polar bears are dying because their range is shrinking; the sea ice they use to hunt seals is melting as temperatures rise. It’s estimated that there are 20,000-25,000 polar bears worldwide. Thirty percent of the 19 recognized subpopulations are in decline. (Shea Gunther)
Photo: Gim2468/Flickr