Say No to Plastics was founded in 2008.

The hope was that once people were made aware of the dangers of single-use plastics they would want to change their behavior. Surely, once they were aware of the suffering and deaths caused on land as well as in the oceans they would do something.


We were wrong. Not only did people not want to give up the convenience of plastic bags and bottles, many were offended we even suggested it!

It is hard to believe how little progress has been made in 10 years.  While we continue to focus on the impact of the unnecessary use of plastics on our environment and to our oceans & streams, world wide mega-streams of plastic debris continue to flow into our oceans and streams. The worst offenders … single-use plastic bags, bottles, straws, balloons! All are unnecessary and all are deadly if not disposed of properly!


Some progress has been made, but not nearly enough. So, this year our focus will be on getting the word out. What that means “in your face” out, visually not confrontationally. It means wearing apparel as a way of informing and educating. Writing and blogging are no longer enough. Talking to each other is akin to preaching to the choir, as the expression goes.

If you want to make an impact, consider purchasing one of our tee shirts. Wear them when you go shopping, to school, or go to the beach. Our shirts are billboards to the world and those around us that we care. If and when you strike up a conversation, be armed with facts if people ask you about why you are Saying No to Plastics.



Good intentions have to be transformed into real actions. Remember, we are what we leave behind!



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