Single-Use Plastic Bags & Bottles Destructive to Our Oceans, Our World

There was a time, not that long ago when you would see countless cigarette butts littering the landscape. Then, something happened ever so slowly, the ugly disgusting cigarette butts began disappearing from bars and restaurants, parking lots, sidewalks, beaches, ashtrays in public and private buildings.

People finally got the message that smoking was not cool but was detrimental to health of everyone surrounded by the smoker.

Can the same thing happen with single-use plastic bags and bottles? I think it can … with YOUR help.  Imagine a world without plastic debris and SAY NO TO PLASTICS


Say No to Plastics is devoted to finding ways of addressing the rampant and indiscriminate use of plastic in our environment. Whether we are talking about single-use plastic bottles and bags, or the millions of plastic straws produced yearly, we are focused on finding answers.

We are literally chocking on the stuff … and it’s everywhere!


It is insanity that we continue to produce and pollute with single use, throw away plastic products that enter the food chain, our oceans and waterways. 

We are despoiling our oceans and rivers, killing hundreds of thousands of birds and sea creatures yearly, and poisoning ourselves.

It is simply unacceptable that we allow chemicals, including BPA, to leach into foods when we cook, or when we open a can, or drink out of a plastic cup or bottle.

All is not lost. There are many thousands working to change the attitudes of those who think single-use plastic bags and bottles are “no big deal”.

Working together we CAN change this!